Sneaker of the Week 12/21/08: A DREAM COME TRUE!

Every sneakerheads dream!

Air Jordan Retro 11: Every sneakerheads dream!

Sneaker of the Week is back! and it is back in a big way.  This week’s sneaker is the best Jordan sneaker of ALL TIME!  The Black/Red Air Jordan Retro 11.  This sneaker released yesterday 12/20/08.  They were released in a box set along with the Air Jordan Retro 12 with a retail price of $310.  This release was one of the most anticipated releases of all time.  Jordan heads were camping outside of stores and waiting in long lines all across the country to get them a pair.  Stores were selling out within minutes.  So did I camp out through the night and drop $300? NOPE! no camping out, no lines for me!  Best of all, I only paid $155 for the package! Even though I will continue to collect, I feel as though my collection is complete as I now own my DREAM JORDANS! I have been trying to get a pair of these ever since I started collecting sneakers and now I have them! THANK YOU JORDAN!!


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