First SLAM issue

First SLAM issue


 SLAM! Currently one of my favorite magazines is SLAM magazine.  Slam magazine successfully blends basketball with the popular hip hop culture.  Slam magazine was first released in 1994.  For the next 15 years it has been one of the leading magazines in both the sports and hip hop cultures.  They release 9 issues of the magazine a year and have released a total of 119 issues.  The magazine has also branched out and has a website called SLAM online.  The website features current basketball news as well as articles from the magazine.  The founder of the magazine is Dennis Page and the editor is Cory Johnson.  The first magazine featured then Charlotte Hornets all star Larry Johnson on the cover.  At the time Larry Johnson was very popular, due in part to his comedic “grandmamma” roles.  This was a role he played in commercials where he would dress up as a grandmother and dunk the basketball.  Placing him on the cover was huge in gaining interests in the magazine.  The magazine also featured and continues to feature in depth articles or conversations with basketball and hip hop stars.  Also included in the magazine are basketball products and accessories.  Along with the basketball products there are also hip hop clothing features.  This has helped to associate the hip hop culture basketball.  As the years progressed so did the clothing featured in the magazine.  The magazine can now be seen as a platform for popular clothing trends and styles to be displayed.  One of my favorite aspects of the magazine is the sneaker profiles they do.  They profile popular sneakers that are geared towards the hip hop culture but can also be used as basketball sneakers.  They also feature player exclusive sneakers which are custom sneakers worn by basketball stars.  But arguably the most popular and everlasting feature in the magazine are the double sided, pin up posters.  These posters feature great photos of basketball stars.  I remember waiting for the newest issue of SLAM magazine to arrive so I could tear out the posters and place them on my wall.  






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